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2010 Keep On Rollin
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Growing up, Scotty, RJ and Parker all went to the same elementary school and attended the same Boy Scout troop, as high school came along RJ and Parker broke off and went to Olympus while Scotty headed to Cottonwood... Toward the end of their sophomore year in school they had pretty much all acquired an older car to fix up and had met other kids throughout either junior high or their first year of high school that shared the common interest... At the end of the Junior year we told our friends at our respective schools about a small 'car show' one of the auto teachers was putting on and got a number of people to attend that... Still through the ties of Scotty, Parker and RJ, we came together in June 2008 following our school district's first annual car show and decided it was cool enough we wanted to do another one all together, but as a club. We cruised out to a local drive inn burger joint one night and settled on a name over some food and entered in the Keep On Rollin' Charity Show @ Brighton Ski Resort as our first Club appearance. Then as the winter months approached the local outdoor shows all came to a close as most fear the wear and tear of bad weather driving to their prized cars, but nonetheless, a car is meant to be driven, so we've kept at it through the snow and cruised several times together during the winter months and now are gearing up for the summer season when all the old geezers are brave enough to bring their trailer queens and classics and frame off resto's back into the world to see so we can go to some more shows!


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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Indefinite Hiatus.

There has been so much going on. This is the official statement for the "Young Guns" for our current standing.

The Young Guns have been around since Summer 2008. We've spent a wonderful 3 years together, we all love what we drive, but things are getting hectic.  Members have come and gone, we've grown and gotten our name out significantly this summer.  But as the last of our members have graduated from high school this past spring, we're moving up and onto other things.  Parker is currently on a mission in So. Cal, Scotty is about to leave for Madagascar and Blake headed for Brazil, Tyler for Mexico and Jake not far behind has begun his application.  Scottie R has begun studies at SLCC in the Automotive Program there, Travis is studying at the U of U, RJ is continuing to pursue his career in the medical field as an EMT, Jamie sold the El Camino this summer and is studying at Westminster, Tarron's Scout was totalled while out for sale, and not all being together at our respective schools has eased us into losing our regular contact with one another.

The Young Guns were formed amongst ties between members crossing Olympus and Cottonwood High School between the graduating classes of 2009 and 2010.  The O in YOung was logo'd with the Olympus Titan calligraphy O while the U in Guns was represented with the Cottonwood horse shoes.  Clearly, none of us are in High School anymore.  don't get me wrong, we often still get together, and show season has come to a close once again, but ties are becoming weak and with winter months ahead and many of us leaving, many of us with new adventures ahead, we've decided a break is in order.  The Young Guns will be on hold until our forming members/leaders are together again in SLC sometime after February 2013.  You will most definitely see some of our remaining members at shows throughout the valley in the show seasons between now and then, but none will be flying together under the name of Young Guns. We still love and support the car show scene, classic and muscle car restoration and customization, cruising and what an amazing part of our history as Americans that this is that nobody else in the world has.  The Young Guns are done til 2013, (if the world doesn't end before then... and if it doesn't, there's still that, ______) if we get back together at that point, some of us are going to be moving on to other things post mission like getting married and such which through our conversation at shows has given us the heads up that time with cars is significantly reduced at that point lol. So there's still that IF until 2013... Until then, our favorite show and show that brought us together is all I can say...


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  1. The Young Guns have been around since Summer 2008. We've spent a wonderful 3 years together, we all love what we drive, but things are getting hectic.